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See what it's like to be a Gather patient

Gather Health Senior Patient and Nurse Aide

See what it's like to be part of Gather Health

Building Gather

Our community partners and Gather Guides work alongside clinicians and executive leaders to build Gather together.

One team,
gathered around you

Started by physicians and healthcare leaders with decades of experience in bringing remarkable care back to the community, we believe every person deserves to have a full team of local advocates helping them to manage their health.
Gather Health patient and nurse aide
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Gather Health patient shown with family

Built up from the

Gather works with the people who know their neighborhoods best — residents,
community-based organizations, and local leaders — to develop care that is truly reflective of the needs of the communities we serve.

Gather Health brings holistic primary care back to the neighborhood. We work with residents, local leaders, and clinicians to develop care that's crafted for the communities we serve.

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Smiling Gather Health senior patient

Building healthcare that shows how much we care

Gather Health offers primary care with social and home-based support for the communities that need them most. Our approach ensures older adults feel supported to thrive every day.
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Gather Health Primary Care Physician
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